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Statement by Sascha Auer, Sales Manager ProCargo CT1 bei Sortimo, Zusmarshausen

26 Feb. 2019
Sascha Auer
Photo: Sascha Auer, Sales Manager ProCargo CT1 bei Sortimo, Zusmarshausen

Mr. Auer, your company is appearing as an exhibitor at the micromobility expo. What are you expecting from your participation at this new event?

"We hope this event will further establish micromobility in the urban context. We see that there are already numerous concepts for urban logistics out there, but we feel the issue of urban services needs to attain a similar status."

How important is this new platform for your company and the industry as a whole?

"Today’s skilled trades enterprises and service providers are interested in applications for light electric vehicles (LEVs), plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and eCargo bikes. From a strategic-conceptual point of view, these companies are left alone during the implementation phase. We at Sortimo offer a solution with our modular case systems, allowing skilled trades enterprises to integrate a Cargo Bike into his or her vehicle fleet at any time and thus carry out customer appointments on an equal basis."

Photo: ProCargo CT1 by Sortimo

Can you reveal what you’ll be showing at the micromobility expo or at least the areas you’ll be emphasizing?

"At Sortimo, we develop tailored vehicle equipment to make everyday operations more efficient. The attached image illustrates the modularity of our products. The workshop boxes listed there can be transported both in delivery vans as well as with the ProCargo CT1. This modularity enables the company to select the most cost-effective vehicle from its fleet for the respective logistical task. From our point of view, successful pilot trials are absolutely necessary in this context, which should also demonstrate the financial advantages for the entrepreneur in a holistic evaluation process."

What are the key challenges currently facing the industry and/or micromobility as a whole?

"The way we see it, the overall infrastructure and especially bike paths need to be expanded. As soon as the interested user can move safely inside the city, he or she will start to consider using bicycles as a means of transportation. Many cities still have a lot of catching up to do in this regard."