micromobility expo, Hanover (19 May 2022)

micromobility expo: Preview of products and solutions

Hanover.From electric cargo scooters and mopeds in retro design to networked mobility and creative charging infrastructures to hybrid e-bikes and low-maintenance cargo bikes - on May 19 in Hanover, micromobility expo will be showing in its exhibition area at the Technology Academy which products and solutions make the mobility turnaround possible in the city and in rural areas.

Electric cargo carrier as a miracle of space and transport

The lightweight, four-wheeled HopOn® from CarIT Automotive in Münster, Germany, which is only two meters long, is a real space and transport miracle. The L6e class electric vehicle is made of sturdy automotive components and has a loading area the size of a Euro pallet. The small cargo vehicle can carry a payload of 250 kg and can be stowed and transported in a variety of space-saving ways. HopOn® is available with a choice of 1.7 or 3.0 kW motor, which can master gradients of up to 20 percent even with a full load - and without any muscle power at all.
The result is a holistic offering that spans all modes of transportation and provides a real incentive to switch to environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Aerodynamic, fully disguised recumbent bike

A real "eye-catcher": The Milan from Velowerk Siedenburg is an aerodynamic, fully disguised recumbent bike that requires only about a quarter of the power needed by a conventional road bike to move. The reason for this is the unusual body with very low air resistance (about 5 percent of a "normal" bicycle). Milan was designed by Eggert Bülk, who also supplied the concept study for the VW L 1. Thanks to the monocoque body, which looks like an oversized helmet, Milan offers very good accident protection. With the matching head cover, there is also perfect weather protection.

Battery-friendly charging for e-bikes and e-scooters

The charging infrastructure operator ONgineer from Espelkamp is coming to micromobility expo with three climate-friendly and battery-saving charging solutions. The wireless charging parking station for e-scooters ensures greater safety and tidier cities, as there is no need to collect or swap batteries. The wireless charging technology requires little maintenance and optimizes battery usage. This allows the use of smaller batteries. E-bikes are charged directly at the LiON WallBox - no separate charger or cable is required. The LiON Smartcharger is the most compact and lightest universal charger in its performance class. The charging modes can be set individually via an app.

E-mopeds in retro design

With the conversion kit from Second Ride in Berlin, Simson mopeds from the former GDR now roll electrically. The cult mopeds are very popular not only because of their design, but also because of the applicable maximum speed of 60 km/h. The conversion kit can be installed in an afternoon, requires no structural work on the frame and has StVo approval. Following the concept of circular economy, Second Ride aims to retrofit existing vehicles and offer an alternative path to electric mobility.

Professional transport bike according to industry standards.

ShareX Mobility AG from Waiblingen offers a platform for companies, cities, municipalities, hotels and neighborhoods to operate their own networked sharing concept with a modern e-mobility fleet. At the micromobility expo, shareX will present a professional transport bike that is manufactured in Germany to industry standards at the highest level of quality - for continuous daily use in urban areas: robust, low-maintenance, economical and extremely safe. It can safely transport interchangeable containers with the footprint of a Euro pallet and other containers. Optionally, it has a trailer coupling for another container box the size of a Euro pallet.

App for shared mobility

The European app Bolt is accelerating the shift away from private cars toward shared mobility. One of the ways it does this is through e-scooters and e-bikes, which benefit more than 50 cities in Germany alone. Bolt now has 100 million customers from 45 countries in Europe and Africa. Bolt offers industry-leading usage figures thanks to affordable prices, an active modal shift thanks to offering different means of transport within one platform, and top safety solutions thanks to the software and hardware innovations of the in-house design and engineering team.

Comfortable and ecological car-e-bike hybrid

Hopper by the Augsburg-based startup Hopper Mobility is a hybrid vehicle consisting of a car and an e-bike that is allowed to ride on the bike path. An electric drive provides sufficient speed, while rear-wheel steering ensures high flexibility even in narrow urban areas. Thanks to its compact design, it can find a place to park almost anywhere. The futuristic driver's cab offers protection from wind and weather. Optionally, the sides can be completely closed with transparent tarpaulins. A driver's license is not required, and there is no need for registration, taxes or insurance. And Hopper is also energy-efficient: it requires just 2 kWh/100 km. Compared with conventional electric cars, that's only one-seventh of the power consumption for the same distance.

E-motorcycles for an emission-free society

CAKE, a Swedish company based in Stockholm, has a clear mission to contribute to an emission-free society with its lightweight, quiet and clean electric motorcycles. The first Kalk model was launched in January 2018 and received several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and 2020, the IF Design Award and the Automotive Brand Contest Award. In November 2021, CAKE introduced the :work Series - models for professional use including last-mile delivery as well as service areas. The Makka flex, Ösa flex and Kalk& models will be on display at micromobility expo.

Innovative parking charging stations for e-scooters.

LEV's are becoming an essential part of the transportation infrastructure in cities and metropolitan areas. However, e-scooters are often a nuisance as they are parked in an uncoordinated manner and block paths. In addition, the vehicles have to be collected by "juicers" for charging. This no longer has to be the case! Waterman Charging-Systems from Berlin has developed a patented Park-Charge-Lock process. The stations allow LEV's to be parked in an orderly fashion and rented via app - with no staffing at all and including a billing option. As soon as the scooters are parked in the station, they are charged and automatically locked via the plug.

Low-maintenance e-bikes for hire

The Darmstadt-based company Sigo operates a rental system for e-bikes that can be used for shopping or trips with children. The special feature? The bikes are not off-the-shelf, but are specially designed for sharing. This makes them low-maintenance, vandal-proof and customizable. Sigo cooperates with housing companies, public transport and local authorities. The bikes are stored tidily in a charging station, where they are charged inductively. The bikes can be rented around the clock thanks to an app. Sigo takes care of all rental services, such as installation, maintenance, customer support and billing.

About the micromobility expo

The micromobility expo is an annual event in Hannover around the topics of micromobiles and light vehicles, mobility infrastructures as well as mobility services. The aim of the micromobility expo is to promote the mobility turnaround in urban areas. In 2022, it will be held on May 19 as a one-day compact conference with accompanying exhibition in face-to-face format with digital extension via streaming. The micromobility expo is primarily aimed at trade visitors and mobility experts. Partners of the event are the Metropolitan Region Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg and the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment in Berlin. For more information, visit /www.micromobilityexpo.de/en .