"Electric microcars are quiet, highly maneuverable and, above all, environmentally friendly, especially if you compare their use to conventional cars over short distances," remarks Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board. He continues: "ePedal scooters, eBikes and cargo bikes are all growing at a rapid pace, with the ability to significantly change the face of urban traffic. Running from 2 to 4 May at our Hannover Exhibition Center, the micromobility expo provides a new platform for this trend. With a format consisting of expo, conference and test track, we will be highlighting the range of potential applications for so-called ‘micromobiles' as well as the necessary infrastructure measures and traffic concepts involved."

Over the first two days, attendance at the micromobility expo is exclusively reserved for visitors from industry, government and the public sector. On Saturday, 4 May, the fair opens its gates to the public, with an extensive program of hands-on activities.

The micromobility expo's official patron, Bernd Althusmann (the German state of Lower Saxony's Minister for Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitization) had this to say: "Micromobiles have the potential to close the gap between mass transit, cars, bicycles and pedestrians," adding: "…expectations are naturally high that micromobility can help solve problems like traffic congestion and air pollution. We are consequently delighted that the new micromobility expo at the Hannover Exhibition Center will be giving impetus to this trend."

In the pavilions located under the EXPO canopy, visitors can learn everything there is to know about the latest urban trends, including the newest technology and the manufacturers involved. Companies like Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Micro Mobility Systems, Sortimo, Citkar, Yorks-Scooter, Tier Mobility and BIK TEC will all be showcasing their latest developments for passenger and freight transport, with offerings ranging from monowheels to Segways, pedelecs, eBikes and cargo bikes as well as ePedal scooters, eScooters and electric microcars. Micro Mobility Systems will be represented with its latest electric scooters and microlino city speedster – an electric city car which resembles the classic Isetta cabin scooter. And Volkswagen will be presenting an electric cargo bike.

In addition, solutions for battery charging and transport infrastructures, parking and garage systems, ICT infrastructures, intermodal mobility concepts, sharing systems and concepts and services for traffic safety will be presented.

Checking and trying out micromobiles yourself

Visitors can try out micromobiles for themselves on two separate test tracks on the open-air site. In case of inclement weather, there are covered areas where participants can also drive. On Saturday, N-JOY radio presenter Christian Haake will moderate the program at both test tracks. And food trucks will also be on site to provide refreshments.

As a special highlight, eScooters from Tier Mobility and bikes from the bicycle leasing provider Swapfiets will be available directly at the North entrance of the exhibition grounds. Visitors can travel on a marked route directly to the event area.

On Saturday, "electric mobilists" from the entire Hannover metropolitan region will meet for the "E.drivers.only" networking event, designed to let people – some of whom have been electric car users for many years – share their experiences first-hand. More than 200 active users from across northern Germany are expected.

Join the conversation and help shape the future

Parallel to the exhibition, a three-day conference program will take place in Pavilion 35, affording visitors an opportunity to get the latest information on innovations, mobility concepts and solutions and chat with specialists from industry and government in the Networking Area. Conference presentations will deal with topics like approving vehicle types for use on bike paths, footpaths, public spaces and roads, as well as traffic safety considerations and speed limits. Other topics include the expansion of existing bikeways and the creation of new ones, sharing models and the role of electric mobility in tourist resorts.

Saturday morning will see a varied program entitled "As long as it's electric", featuring exciting reports on trips with electric vehicles. A special highlight will be the presentation by Rafael de Mestre, the Spanish electric mobility pioneer who conducted his own "around the world in 80 days" tour in an electric car.

Members of parties represented in the German Bundestag will also be appearing on Saturday, where they will hold a panel discussion on the topic "Is Germany Missing the eMobility Trend?" Members of municipal councils who drive electric cars are among the expected audience. The conference is organized by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region.