Hannover. The all-new micromobility expo is just around the corner, premiering in Hannover, Germany, from 2 to 4 May this year. Alongside exhibits, the new show for micro-vehicles includes a wide-ranging forum program featuring experts from multiple EU countries – people who care about the future and who are looking for solutions to the as yet largely unresolved challenges around the use of eScooters, monowheels, cargo bikes and the like on public roads and streets. Held in Pavilion 35 beneath the EXPO canopy at the Hannover Exhibition Center, the three-day forum is an opportunity for attendees to learn about new mobility concepts and solutions and share ideas with experts from industry, policy and public administration.

Program for Thursday, 2 May 2019

How is micromobility changing the face of mobility and transport? Dr. Stephan Rammler, Research Director of the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment, Berlin, and Dr. Stefan Wolf, Corporate Strategy Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Hannover, will discuss their vision for micromobility and the challenges it poses for society.

How to handle all the new small vehicles? This discussion will focus on the road space reallocation needed in order to accommodate micro-vehicles. The participants are: Christian Förster (IFM Institute for Vehicle Engineering and Mobility / TÜV Nord), Frank Otte (Chairman of the Association of Cycling-Friendly Municipalities (AGFK) / Head of Osnabrück Municipal Planning), Dirk Ulrich Mende (Chairman of the Lower Saxony Council of Municipalities on Road Space Reallocation), Thorsten Bullerdiek (Spokesman, Lower Saxony Association of Towns and Municipalities), and Rüdiger Prang (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Hannover).

At the International Mobility Roundtable, experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing urban Europe. The discussion will feature delegates from the proEME project, HeV TCP Task Force 32: Small Electric Vehicles, FACTUAL Barcelona, and the Digital Hub Mobility Initiative.

The afternoon discussion panel will focus on Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) & Micromobility. It will feature delegates from TÜV SÜD, Bosch, Micro Mobility Systems, the German Two-Wheeler Industry Association (ZIV) and the German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM), and will be coordinated by the German eMobility Association (BEM).

Thursday’s proceedings will conclude with an elevator pitch titled Micromobility made in Hannover, where Kwiggle Bike (world’s smallest bicycle), e2work (cellular carsharing), OptiPeds/PedsBlitz (pedelec rental system), Rydies (software solutions for bike rental systems and bike parking buildings) and R.C.H. Mobility will present their business ideas. The pitch will be moderated by Gernot Hagemann, Project Director Energy Solutions at hannoverimpuls GmbH (Hannover business development agency).

Program for Friday, 3 May 2019

Day two of the forum is dedicated to bicycle freeways, cargo bikes, and the role of electric mobility in tourism regions. The day’s proceedings will commence with a discussion themed Electric holidays, which will explore ideas and options for promoting electric modes of transport in tourism regions and examine business models for providing electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. The discussion participants are: Dr. Eckehard Fozzy Moritz (Director & CEO, Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH, Munich), Ina Korter (Mayor of Butjadingen), Marcus Schümann (Director, mycity (Uelzen municipal utilities company)), Amadeus Bürgel (Director, Bürgel GmbH, Nienburg), and Matthias Schmidt (MMS Concept, Osterode/Harz).

The next item on the program is the MicroCity Talk with Tim Gerstenberger (City of Hannover), Amelie Ewert (Vehicle Systems and Technology Assessment, German Aerospace Center (DLR)), Dr. Martin Prominski (Institute for Open Space Development (Institut für Freiraumentwicklung), Leibniz University Hannover), and Martin Röhrleef (Head of Mobility Innovation, ÜSTRA Hannover Transport Services).

How can we speed up the development of fast cycle lanes? This question forms the basis of discussion for a group of cycling experts who are involved with developing fast cycle lanes in Germany’s Ruhr, Göttingen and Hamburg regions. Hamburg’s plans for a fast cycle lanes will be presented by Dr. Susanne Elfferdings.

Friday’s proceedings will conclude with a panel discussion on Cargo bikes in everyday life – Leisure and business, with contributions by Sascha Auer, Sales Manager ProCargo CT1, Sortimo International GmbH; Jonas Kremer, founder and CEO, citkar GmbH; Thomas Ludewig, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles; and Frank Tristram, EcoLibro.

Program for Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Saturday morning is devoted to the annual eDrivers only conference for electric vehicle users from the entire Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region. Several of the people taking part in the conference have been driving electric cars for many years, so it is an ideal opportunity for e-vehicle newcomers to pick up a few tips and pointers first-hand. The conference promises an entertaining and captivating program of presentations on EV road trips. One of the presenters is Otto Schönbach, who will be telling the story of his adventure trip from Munich, Germany, to North Cape, Norway, in a Renault TWIZY. Hannes Kohlenberg will also be there, sharing details of his climate-protection-awareness tour from Stadthagen, Germany, to Italy in a Renault ZOE. But the true highlight of the morning will be the presentation by Spanish e-Mobility trailblazer Rafael de Mestre, who circled the world in 80 days in an electric car. He will also talk about the eco grand prix event that he has organized. The conference will be moderated by electric vehicle expert Alex Holtzmeyer.

The conference will be followed in the afternoon by a series of elevator pitches themed Micro-electric vehicles & sharing models. Among the organizations giving pitches will be Tier Mobility, Swapfiets, Yorks-Scooter, VOI and Adaptive City Mobility

Next on the program after the pitches is a MicroCity Talk event featuring Tim Gerstenberger (City of Hannover), Dr. Lars Gusig (Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HsH)), and Lars Zemke (Electric Empire (German Federal Association of Micro-Electric Vehicles)).

The three-day forum will end on Saturday afternoon with a panel discussion themed Is Germany sleeping through the electric mobility wave? The panel participants will include invited representatives of the political parties represented in Germany’s federal parliament. There will also be electric vehicle drivers from among the membership of various German councils and district assemblies. The event promises to be an exciting debate, with moderation by Raimund Nowak, CEO of Metropolregion Hannover.

The forum at the micromobility expo is organized by Deutsche Messe, Hannover, in cooperation with the Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hannover). For further information about the forum program, visit https://www.micromobilityexpo.de/en/forum/.