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  • Hannover. Small, agile and ideal for solving a whole range of traffic problems, electric-powered micro-vehicles are popping up at a rapid rate – both on our roads and in transport policy circles. Deutsche Messe has put its weight behind this key trend – the "micro-wave", as it were – with its new micromobility expo, which premieres at the Hannover Exhibition Center from 2 to 4 May 2019. The show is dedicated to micro-vehicles – the growing array of passenger and goods vehicles, usually electric powered, that are smaller than conventional passenger cars. Almost every day, it seems, new types of eScooters, eBikes and cargo bikes are hitting the market faster than people can find names for them.

    It is widely expected that micromobility will bring solutions to problems like traffic jams and air pollution, not to mention help achieve transport-sector climate protection targets. Micro-vehicles offer enormous potential to close the gap between public mass transit and private mobility by car, bicycle and on foot. The micromobility expo provides an important new platform for this trend and for all stakeholders in the micromobility sector. It is being staged by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hannover), with Dr. Bernd Althusmann, the German state of Lower Saxony's Minister of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Digitization, as the show's official patron.

    Wide range of information and interactive offerings

    The micromobility expo offers a comprehensive source of information and orientation, as well as a wide array of interactive experiences thanks to its multiple parts: an exhibition, a forum and a test track. In the pavilions beneath the EXPO canopy, exhibitors such as VW Commercial Vehicles, Micro Mobility Systems, Sortimo and Citkar will present electric lightweight vehicles for passenger and freight transportation. Their displays will span a wide range of vehicles, including monowheels and Segways, pedelecs, eBikes, eCargo bikes, eScooters and electric microcars. They will also feature solutions for charging and transport infrastructure, parking and garage systems, ICT infrastructure, intermodal mobility concepts and sharing systems, plus new ideas and services for traffic safety.

    Take it for a spin

    Visitors will be able to head out to the test track on the open-air site and take various micro-vehicles for a spin. The Swiss electric scooter company Micro Mobility will be there with its latest electric scooters and, most notably, its Microlino citykar. The Isetta-styled electric bubble car combines the comfort and convenience of a conventional car with the low weight and maneuverability of a motorcycle. It moves through traffic with ease, can be parked in virtually any space, and can be charged from a standard domestic power outlet. "With its special format, the micromobility expo offers a range of highly promising opportunities for reaching a wide target audience at a single location," said Anton Wisbauer, director of sales, Micro Mobility Systems Germany. "We are looking forward to stimulating, quality visitor encounters and to sharing our vision of eco-friendly mobility with even more people."

    A chance to discuss and shape the legal framework

    The micromobility expo also includes a forum comprising three days of conference programming for mobility experts and specialists from all over Europe. The forum is a much-needed opportunity to discuss the technical and legal rules around micro vehicles. It is a discussion that is long overdue, because in many cases it is unclear what kinds of vehicles are allowed to be operated at what speeds on public roads and in public spaces. Municipal governments need to integrate today's new forms of mobility into their transport infrastructure and put in place the necessary frameworks. Against this background, the forum at the micromobility expo is a platform where experts and users from industry, public administration and policy can discuss the latest innovations, examples of current best practice, and potential solutions. They will also be able to further their discussions in the informal setting of the adjacent networking area. The conference program also includes a special discussion on bicycle freeways and the use of electric vehicles in tourism hotspots.

    e-drivers, only

    On 4 May 2019, the micromobility expo will host Metropolregion Hannover's annual "e-drivers only" get-together for active users of electric vehicles. More than 200 active e-drivers from all over North Germany will gather to discuss the current development status of electric mobility in the Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region. The event will feature a discussion between federal lawmakers and e-drivers themed, "Is Germany Dragging the Chain on Electric Mobility?" "We are also experiencing something of a 'micro-wave' in the electric mobility sector," says Raimund Nowak, CEO of Metropolregion Hannover. "A countermovement towards small, quiet and zero-emission vehicles has sprung up in opposition to the trend towards ever-larger IC-powered vehicles."

    In terms of visitors, the first two days of the micromobility expo are reserved for professionals from industry, public administration and politics, particularly representatives of municipal authorities, urban planning and transport departments, logistics firms, fleet management organizations and nursing and home assistance services. Day three, on the other hand, is open to end consumers.

    For further information about the micromobility expo, visit www.micromobilityexpo.de/home .