micromobility expo 2020, 14 - 16 May
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Urbanization and its attendant mobility challenges, coupled with heightened environmental requirements, mean that there is significant potential for growth in the use of micro-vehicles. With their small size and electric propulsion, they offer major advantages over conventional passenger cars in urban environments. Against this background, the new micromobility expo is a combined exhibition and conference event that will give the entire micromobility sector exposure and help lend it the necessary momentum.

The future of urban mobil


Technological, economic and political trends will all have an impact on future urban mobility:

  • Smart, connected transport systems which offer increased capacity and avoid congestion.
  • Intermodal means of transport which can be used flexibly in line with changing requirements.
  • Ecologically sound basis which will counteract the effects of climate change.

New market opportunities for suppliers of micromobility devices, infrastructure and services.

The benefits of micromobility expo

  • To generate media coverage and political awareness through intensive networking between Deutsche Messe and its partners
  • To initiate a discussion with local government and the political community about the legal framework for promoting micromobility
  • To awaken interest among users by means of publicity and test drives
  • To exchange information about the latest products, technical criteria and future innovations

micromobility expo is targeted at:

  • purchasers,
  • dealers,
  • logistics companies,
  • fleet managers,
  • station managers,
  • workshops,
  • care services,
  • nursery schools/schools,
  • municipalities,
  • urban planning authorities,
  • traffic authorities,
  • administrative bodies,
  • users of mobility services,
  • consumers.


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