micromobility expo 2020, 14 - 16 May
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micromobility expo

In 2019, Deutsche Messe is launching a new event dedicated to micromobility. The premiere of the micromobility expo will be held from 2 to 4 May at the Hannover Exhibition Center (Hannover, Germany). Comprising a forum, exhibition and test track, the event is designed to promote micromobility in urban settings and present environmentally friendly and cost-effective lightweight electric vehicles for passenger and freight transport. In terms of visitors, the first two days of the micromobility expo are aimed at leaders from industry, public administration and politics, while day three – Saturday, 4 May – is aimed at consumers. The expo is organized by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the greater Hannover/Braunschweig/Göttingen/Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region (in short: “Metropolregion Hannover”) and will be held annually.