Claus-Martin Mündel, ONgineer GmbH

"The InvisiblePower technology by ONgineer for autonomous dock, lock & charge infrastructure cleans up our cities while enabling a greener, safer and more reliable micro e-Mobility."

Patrick Döring, WERTGARANTIE

"WERTGARANTIE is an insurance company specializing in coverage for electronic devices, e-bikes, bicycles and service lines in buildings. By promoting repairs, we are effectively prolonging product lifecycles and thereby contributing to sustainability. Now that electric scooters have been approved for road use, a new market has opened up for WERTGARANTIE. Besides third-party liability coverage as required by law, we now also offer policies covering the cost of e-scooter repairs. As a combined exhibition and conference, the micromobility expo gives us ideal opportunities for engaging with our customer base as well as with potential clients, while at the same time networking with fellow professionals and end users."

Florian Walberg, Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH

"The micromobility expo hits the nerve of time: Whether you are an end customer who wants to find out more about different vehicles and try them out, or a manufacturer who wants to discuss the prerequisites for successful e-mobility with decision-makers - this trade fair is the right place for you."

Matthias Gleichmann, TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG

"Enjoy mobility safely, that also applies to miniature electric vehicles. As a technical service, we are working intensively on the approval of this new type of vehicle. From our point of view, they can close the gap between public transport and passenger cars, and the safety of all road users plays a decisive role for us."

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung

"Against the background of a dynamically growing world population, it is necessary to combine sustainability, social justice and economic efficiency. In this sense, the micromobility expo is the actual future fair for the reinvention of mobility in the 21st century."

Thorsten Bullerdiek, Niedersächsischer Städte- und Gemeindebund

"We want to embrace the new opportunities presented by electric mobility, but we need to have a few ground rules in place that everyone adheres to, otherwise we will see accidents and chaos on our streets. Our hope, therefore, is that users and providers of e-scooters will abide by these rules."

Lars Zemke, Bundesverband Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge e.V.

"Micromobility in Germany is about so much more than just scooter hire schemes. The micromobility expo is a really good way for people to find out about this modern, zero-emission mode of transport. It is also an important professional platform for informed dialogue between lawmakers, manufacturers and users."

Raimund Nowak, Metropolregion

"The various views and assessments of e-scooters are quite polarized. The micromobility expo is therefore a good opportunity to review the first year of intensive e-scooter use on our roads. We should not be too hasty to pass judgment on e-scooters, because the fact of the matter is, small vehicles cause small problems in our cities, and large vehicles cause large problems."