micromobility expo 2020, 14 - 16 May
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Exhibitor statements

Statement by Rainer Schattenkirchner, Micro Mobility Systems

04 Mar. 2019

Your company is appearing as an exhibitor at the micromobility expo. What are you expecting from your participation at this new event?

"Our urban mobility lifestyle products already enjoy a high degree of recognition, but we’re always looking to make new contacts. We see the micromobility expo as a great platform for this, because it reflects our business model nicely – and not only due to the similarity of our names. We are convinced our products will provide solutions for the mobility of the future. We’re happy to talk to decision-makers from municipalities at the micromobility expo, but also business leaders as well. We also look forward to getting direct feedback from our customers.”"

How important is this new platform for your company and the industry as a whole?

"In our view, the mme trade fair format provides us with an opportunity to reach a broad target audience in the same place. We enjoy a high degree of recognition in the industry and an excellent reputation. And of course, we are always interested in capitalizing on this by appearing in public. The format of the micromobility expo gives us some fine opportunities for this. We expect to have many exciting encounters there and are confident that even more people will be able to share our vision of eco-friendly mobility."

What are the key challenges currently facing the industry and/or micromobility as a whole? And what does that imply for your company?

"Uncertainties due to the ongoing lack of a legal framework continue to weigh heavily on the industry in Germany. Our hope is that the legislative branch will finally come up with reliable regulations. In our opinion, these will need to be reflect existing regulations in other European countries in order to prevent significant competitive disadvantages."

Can you reveal what you’ll be showing at the micromobility expo or at least the areas you’ll be emphasizing?

"You’ll be seeing a sample of our extensive portfolio of environmentally friendly and stylish mobility options at the show. This includes classic scooters and scooters as well as eScooters, which anticipate tomorrow’s mobility today. One highlight – not just at our expo stand – will be the Microlino, an electric city car which completely reinterprets the old cabin scooter concept. This ‘Isetta of the future’ has already obtained European approval and will soon become an indispensable feature of our metropolises."

Sustainable mobility solutions: How will or can small electric lightweight vehicles change the world of transport?

"The future belongs to environmentally friendly, problem-free mobility – especially in our cities. In connection with public transport, our scooters for example already make it possible to cover daily distances within the city quickly and emissions-free. Environmentally friendly mobility solutions are also going to establish themselves in the business world."