micromobility expo, Hanover (19 May 2022)

micromobility expo: Strong conference program with top speakers

  • „Autokorrektur“- Author Katja Diehl gives opening keynote speech
  • Among others with Hanover's mayor Belit Onay, enercity boss Susanna Zapreva, IZT director Stephan Rammler, ADAC speaker Daniela Wühr, TIER manager Markus Ries and BEM board member Markus Emmert.
  • Hanover (27.04.2022). Informative, inspiring and to the point: On Thursday, May 19, micromobility expo will deliver a strong conference program with compact information and lively discussions around the mobility turnaround in urban areas. The highlight of the opening program is the keynote address by author Katja Diehl, who makes a powerful plea away from the car and toward people-centered mobility. In her current book "Autokorrektur" she describes the vision of a child-friendly, barrier-free and decelerated city. "Everyone should have the right to live a life without their own car," Diehl emphasizes.

    The very first panel of the conference program will focus on "Mobility of the future: attractive, smart and fair", with Belit Onay, Lord Mayor of the City of Hanover, among others. Onay has set ambitious goals for climate neutrality. Multimodal mobility is to become much more of a focus. "Micromobility and its application scenarios in inner-city areas can make an important contribution to modern and resource-saving mobility concepts," says Onay.

    Dr. Susanna Zapreva, Chairwoman of enercity's Executive Board, is committed to electromobility: "Whether it's your own e-bike, a borrowed e-scooter or an e-car on a subscription basis - the future of mobility, especially in urban areas, is electric, climate-friendly and diverse. This requires the right charging infrastructure and intelligent sharing offers to make it easier for more and more people to switch to e-mobility."

    Mobility researcher Dr. Alexander Rammert of TU Berlin is primarily concerned with understanding human mobility. "Understanding mobility means being able to control traffic before it even happens", says Rammert.

    Prof. Dr. Stephan Rammler, Scientific Director of micromobility-expo partner IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment, argues for more sustainability and relies on the commitment of municipalities: "Mobility is the central field of action for sustainability transformation, and municipalities are the crucial civil society negotiation arenas of urban postfossility."

    In the topic slot "Rethinking: Away from car traffic to more diversity and equality on the roads", speakers include Dr. Daniela Wühr, specialist for mobility behavior and trend research at the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club). Wühr addresses the question of whether e-scooters represent an opportunity for intermodality or are seen more as a risky mobility trend. "The number of e-scooter owners is increasing. Many see the purchase as a contribution to sustainable mobility. Many are aware of the risk involved in driving an e-scooter", Wühr emphasizes.

    Micromobiles and light vehicles are not only used in everyday life, but increasingly also in commercial environments. One panel is therefore also entitled "How micromobility is revolutionizing urban logistics". Thomas Kuwatsch, co-founder and CFO of Borna-based ARI Motors, will be among those explaining which vehicles are already in use and how vehicles can be tailored to individual customer needs: "Many of our existing customers are already living the new mobility by opting for significantly smaller vehicles for daily use as service providers."

    Berlin-based Onomotion aims to create mobility solutions that make major cities cleaner, safer and quieter. "Our goal is to improve the quality of life in cities by rethinking urban logistics. As a tech company, Onomotion links smart networks between micromobility, standardized containers, physical internet and AI. This creates efficient and sustainable logistics solutions", says Benjamin Federmann, CRO of Onomotion.

    What opportunities and risks arise from the integration of new mobility service providers into mobility platforms to strengthen public transport? In the topic slot "Digital technologies as the key to a sustainable transport turnaround", Markus Ries, Regional Manager Northern Germany at TIER Mobility, will be one of the speakers: "The mobility turnaround will be characterized by intermodal locomotion, which would not be possible without digital technology. As a sharing provider, we want to contribute to this turnaround by providing our micromobility vehicles and support cities in achieving climate and transport goals."

    Mirko Goletz, Head New Mobility Concepts, Department of Mobility and Urban Development at DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt), believes that services will be bundled on digital platforms: "The mobility of the future will run via platforms that efficiently bundle a variety of offerings. I expect a consolidation of mobility platforms, this is what developments from other countries are showing us."

    According to BEM (Bundesverband eMobilität), the transport sector in Germany still emits too much climate-damaging exhaust gases and the utilization of vehicles remains at 1.5 persons in the passenger car sector. This is why BEM board member Markus Emmert pleads for the promotion of micromobiles in the "Microcity Talk": "I am in favor of promoting light vehicles, because they are not only practical in urban areas, but also require significantly less energy!". According to the association, at least 5 million existing vehicles in Germany can be adequately replaced by 2035 by light vehicles, which are used in passenger transport as well as in logistics.

    About the micromobility expo

    The micromobility expo is an annual event in Hannover around the topics of micromobiles and light vehicles, mobility infrastructures as well as mobility services. The aim of the micromobility expo is to promote the mobility turnaround in urban areas. In 2022, it will be held on May 19 as a one-day compact conference with accompanying exhibition in face-to-face format with digital extension via streaming. The micromobility expo is primarily aimed at trade visitors and mobility experts. Partners of the event are the Metropolitan Region Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg and the IZT - Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment in Berlin. For more information, visit /www.micromobilityexpo.de/en .