• - Premiere: 2 to 4 May 2019 at the Hannover Exhibition Center
  • - Format: forum, exhibition and test track
  • - Dialogue hub for leaders from industry, politics and public administration and everyone who's interested in sustainable mobility
  • Hannover. In 2019, Deutsche Messe is launching a new event dedicated to micromobility. The premiere of the micromobility expo will be held from 2 to 4 May at the Hannover Exhibition Center (Hannover, Germany). Comprising a forum, exhibition and test track, the event is designed to promote micromobility in urban settings and present environmentally friendly and cost-effective lightweight electric vehicles for passenger and freight transport. In terms of visitors, the first two days of the micromobility expo are aimed at leaders from industry, public administration and politics, while day three – Saturday, 4 May – is aimed at consumers. The expo is organized by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the greater Hannover/Braunschweig/Göttingen/Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region (in short: "Metropolregion Hannover") and will be held annually.

    "Urbanization and its attendant mobility challenges, coupled with heightened environmental requirements, mean that there is significant potential for growth in the use of micro-vehicles. With their small size and electric propulsion, they offer major advantages over conventional passenger cars in urban environments," commented Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Andreas Gruchow. "Against this background, the new micromobility expo is a combined exhibition and conference event that will give the entire micromobility sector exposure and help lend it the necessary momentum."

    Raimund Nowak, CEO of Metropolregion Hannover, agrees. "Micro-scale electric vehicles with one, two, three or more wheels will transform urban transportation," he said. "Our aim therefore is to provide a platform for this trend and for all participants in the micromobility market. There are still a lot of unknowns in terms of the potential uses of these technologies and the necessary legal and infrastructure frameworks, so now is the right time to be discussing solutions with leaders from politics and business and with all stakeholders. Metropolregion Hannover will therefore be staging its annual ‘e-drivers only' user get-together on 4 May 2019 at the micromobility expo." Metropolregion Hannover has been actively involved in model projects at regional, national and international level for many years. It advises municipal and regional governments on the development of strategies for the promotion of electric mobility and operates Europe's largest municipal electric vehicle fleet.

    Format comprising forum, exhibition and test track

    The micromobility expo will be held in the pavilions and on the open-air site under the EXPO canopy at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Hannover, Germany. Comprising a forum, exhibition and test track, the format offers a broad range of options for engaging with micromobility. The forum is where micromobility experts and users from industry, public administration and government will be able to discuss the latest innovations, examples of current best practice, and new solutions. It will be supported by an adjacent networking area, where participants can share ideas and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

    The expo will cover three main theme areas: micro-vehicles, mobility infrastructure, and mobility services. The micro-vehicles area will feature displays by manufacturers, component suppliers, importers and service providers in the lightweight passenger and freight vehicles sector. It will cover a wide range of vehicles, including monowheels and Segways, pedelecs, eBikes, eCargo bikes, eScooters and light commercial vehicles. The mobility infrastructure area will be dedicated to solutions by providers of charging and traffic infrastructure, parking and garage systems and IT infrastructure. The displays on mobility services will focus on intermodal mobility concepts, mobility and energy consulting, sharing systems (for bikes, scooters, etc.) and solutions and services for traffic safety.

    At the test track (located on the open-air site and in the pavilions), visiting professionals and end consumers will be able to take a range of micro-vehicles for a test drive. And to keep hunger at bay, there will be food trucks on the open-air site, offering a wide range of food and refreshments.

    The micromobility expo's visitor target audience includes professionals from municipal and urban authorities, city urban planning departments and tourist information centers. The show will also target lawmakers, commercial buyers, dealers, logistics companies, fleet managers, railway station managers, repair and maintenance shops, nursing and home assistance services and consumers.