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Your home away from home

We would like to make your stay as comfortable as possible and offer you a wide range of travel planning services in addition to accommodation and leisure options in Hannover and the surrounding area.

Hotel Accommodation

Take advantage of HTMG's official room referral service and benefit from their professional and personalized approach.

The HMTG team is your contact partner for individual and group queries – for exhibitors and visitors alike. They will be delighted to process your inquiries and provide you with an individual recommendation.

Telephone hotline (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.): +49 511 12345555

E-mail: hotels@hannover-tourismus.de

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Accommodation in private homes

Apartments or rooms in private homes are a good and inexpensive alternative. Our exclusive partners at Hannover Marketing & Tourism have a wide range of attractive accommodations, available throughout the metropolitan area and inspected and approved by HTMG personnel beforehand.

You can make your own individual bookings directly using our Online Private Accommodations Portal of HMTG .


Deutsche Messe's campground is a cost-effective alternative for your overnight stays.

It is located at the south end of the exhibition grounds, very close to the West 1 entrance (approximately 100 meters away), and is equipped with washing facilities (showers, bathrooms and toilets).

The campground is open to exhibitors and visitors and is located in a quiet area with nearby shopping. You must bring your own camper or trailer. The daily cost depends on the length of your camper or trailer (27 - 37 Euros per site/night + water/power fee).

Find details about the campground, see here .

Please make your reservation at wohnwagenplatz@gfv.messe.de or by phone at: +49 511 8933595.


Please note that Deutsche Messe AG is in no way commercially or otherwise affiliated with any of the following accommodation services:

  • Agentur Messe - Unterkunft GmbH, Martin Wildbach (agency.messe.unterkunft@gmail.com)
  • Expo Housing Service
  • BMH Buchung Messehotel Hannover Service
  • Buchungsservice Messe Hannover
  • cebiteasybooking@hotmail.com
  • Worldwide Easy Booking
  • Vogt Easy Booking.com
  • Messe Booking Hannover

Please note that you will never receive any room/accommodation offers from Deutsche Messe AG via the e-mail address associated with our websites’ contact form to exhibitors, i.e. mailservice-do-notreply@messe.de.

For booking accommodations, we recommend only using the services offered by Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (HMTG). In the case of other service providers, fraudulent practices cannot be ruled out. Deutsche Messe AG assumes no liability in the event of any losses or claims.


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